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Introducing myself, I guess :)

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1 Introducing myself, I guess :) on Sun 16 Mar 2014, 7:36 am

Hello world.

So I'm a Danish (only part Asian, sorry Smile) rapper and producer currently camping in London while doing a few gigs and trying to promote this album I put together last year. I love political rappers like Immortal Technique, Akala, Lowkey, Keny Arkana, and Mayday. So it made sense that my first solo album should be political. It's called Sheeple and you can check some promo videos below (can't embed them for some reason).

I'm not allowed to post links yet, so if you just Google "Frhetoric Sheeple", then my album, website, videos etc. should come up.

If you of you dig it, I'm up for some collaborations as the underground hip hop scene in London is a bit stagnant, paradoxically, and I'm looking to network a bit here.

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