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1 Itunes - Viet Rapper on Tue 17 Dec 2013, 12:49 pm

Vietnamese-American Hip Hop Artist, Michael Nhat, has been shocking audiences with his thought-provoking, socially conscious, tongue-in-cheek wit since before Miley Cyrus knew she had a tongue. Mixing eclectic samples with minimalist beats and monophonic synth lines, Nhat places his distorted rhymes front and center. His latest effort 'Hyenas Because Hyenas' is 9 tracks of upbeat angst guaranteed to make you think, while simultaneously shaking your booty. "I Remember When We Breathed Everyday" has some of the cleverest lines on album, ending in a cosmic freakout. Commenting on the internet age and concerns for future generations, Nhat manages to offer an in-your-face perspective without alienating the listener. Somehow his aggressive approach draws you in rather than putting up a wall to push you away. Perhaps it's his unapologetic authenticity, or his sonic palette. Either way, 'Hyenas Because Hyenas,' is worth repeat listens.  - The Deli Magazine

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