1 Pinoy MC reppin VA on Sun 25 Apr 2010, 11:26 am

Charged Up Entertainment is pleased to present Noah-O.

We invite you to take an exclusive look at one some are calling
Virginia's next big thing. Coming out of Richmond, VA by way of The Bay
Area this breath of fresh air is a welcome addition to Virginia's
musical heritage. While many portray the Gangsta Rapper so prevalent in
today's music, Noah goes directly to the heart with a sound the streets
and Hip Hop heads can relate to. “I GOT IT!” the first single from
the forthcoming album Struggle Music is a call to all who feel they have
what it takes to make it to succeed, to shine and represent for their
home. Produced by Big Boyz Productions out of ATL this bass heavy track
is guaranteed to have the club crunk and trunks rattling. As well the
b-side "Oh My" produced by VA beatmaker Miki displays Noah's conscious
side aware of the problems that all people face in these tough economic
times. Noah has a strong buzz in the DMV region opening for major
artists Bone Thugs & Harmony, Yung LA, The Hot Boys & The
Lox & more.

Not content with being only an artist Noah helped found his own company
Charged Up Entertainment LLC and operated a full service recording
studio in Richmond, VA as well as putting together a monthly Hip-Hop
networking event that features MC & Producer battles and performances
from local artists titled "The Rebirth"
Aware of the void in community services Charged Up Ent. along with
sponsors The City of Richmond, Fox television and Clear Channel
broadcasting established a successful community event entitled VyAy
(Virginia Youth are Yearning) Day which aims to curb youth violence,
drug use, and gang activity through the use of performing arts. With an
ear for crafting music everyone can relate to Noah O is poised to carve
his name into history.

*Runner up at Charlotte, NC regional invitation only 2005 Scribble Jam
MC Battle.
Noted for helping bring mc's Eminem & Rhymefest to national attention

*Mentioned in the fall 2007 issue of the national magazine Hip Hop

*"Gwop Getta" featured on industry tastemakers “Tj's Dj's 2008
Tastemakers Only” CD which is credited with finding talent such as
Rick Ross & T-Pain.

*Winner of First Protégé Magazine Stormwatch Showcase in NYC 11/2008
-Blood, Sweat & Years mixtape hosted by The Fleet DJ’s
-Mentioned in 3/09 & 8/09 issues of Ozone Magazine
-single "I Got It!" receiving rotation on DTLR Radio Nationwide
-Upcoming Trillmatic 2 mixtape Spring 2010 hosted by FLEET DJ's DJ

Charged Up Ent. LLC.
PO Box 28184
Richmond, VA 23228


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